Shopping in Prague: what to buy and where

Ideas for shopping in Prague to suit every budget, from low cost to unbridled luxury, including typical products, souvenirs, design and handicrafts.
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Prague is an exciting city for shoppers and has everything it takes to make people with very different spending budgets happy. Filled in equal measure with stalls and boutiques, independent shops and mega malls, markets and shopping streets, almost on every corner the Czech capital will test your stamina.

Why not indulge in some healthy shopping while on holiday? Depending on your taste, you can take home a typical product such as a liqueur or crystal, a local handicraft reminiscent of the fine things of the past, a fabulous dress by a designer still little known in other parts of Europe.

Unfortunately, Prague is no longer the super-cheap capital it once was, but even if prices have adjusted to those of other European cities, they are still affordable. Take advantage of this to make or give yourself a nice gift.

What to buy in Prague

What to bring home from a holiday in Prague? You really are spoilt for choice on what to buy in Prague, there are nice ideas for all prices.

Food and drink

A typical Czech delicacy is Karlovy Vary wafers, originating from the most famous Czech spa town. The traditional recipe involves two very thin wafers soaked in thermal water, heated and stuck together by a layer of hazelnut flour, sugar and chopped hazelnuts.

In Prague, you can buy spa wafers on the street or in pastry shops and taste them in different flavours (chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla), hot or cold. Waffles are also sold in packets for those who want to enjoy them in the comfort of their own homes.

If you prefer bitter to sweet, buy a bottle of Becherovka, the typical herbal liqueur to drink as an aperitif or digestive. It is a spirits with a particular flavour, so be warned: not everyone likes it.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the Czech national drink par excellence: beer. Take advantage of a trip to Prague to stock up on your favourite Czech beers or to bring home a rarity we can’t find here.

Crystals and ceramics

If you want to take home a fine item, there is no product more typically Czech than Bohemian crystal and ceramics. These two fine traditions have their roots in the Middle Ages, and even today Bohemian crystal and ceramics are considered among the most beautiful in the world.

Those willing to spend to bring home quality glasses, cups, bottles, vases, ornaments, chandeliers, favours and home decorations are advised to shop at Karlovy Vary, Moser, Crystal, Danah Bohemia and Glass.

These shops are accustomed to an international clientele and will pack your purchases in such a way that they will withstand shocks during travel; for bulky items you can request home delivery.

Not only objects for the home: beautiful necklaces and matching jewellery are also made from the precious Bohemian crystal. The best known brands are JABLONEX in Jablonec nad Nisou.

It is quite obvious given the price that the glass objects sold in souvenir shops are not real Bohemian crystal. Bear in mind, however, that imitations, real frauds, are quite common, so if you want original crystal, be careful about price and quality certificates.


Do you love handicrafts, perhaps with a romantic retro flavour? In Prague you can buy delightful wooden toys, decorations made from dried flowers, handmade soaps, beeswax candles and other beautiful handicrafts.

Two local traditions that result in beautiful items to take home are puppets and hand-painted Easter eggs. The latter have become a true pride of local craftsmanship, so much so that they can now be found for sale throughout the year.

An original product to buy in Prague, which combines tradition, craftsmanship and modern inventiveness, are beer-based cosmetics.

Fashion and design

In recent decades, the fashion and design sector in the Czech Republic has undergone rapid development, with the result that Prague is now one of the most interesting cities in Europe for trendy shoppers and independent design shops.

Where to shop: Prague’s shopping streets

The shopping area par excellence in Prague is Wenceslas Square, the main boulevard of Nove Mesto, the New Town. Easy to reach by metro, it is lined with a seemingly endless array of shops where you can buy a little bit of everything, from clothing to electronics, at affordable prices.

At the southern end, the boulevard is intersected by two streets, Na Prikope and Narodni Trida, equally full of shops and outlets where you can continue your shopping.

Don’t overlook the alleys and galleries around Wenceslas Square either, as many of Prague’s most interesting shops are hidden in some of them.

The luxury shopping street, on the other hand, is Parizska, Prague’s Montenapoleon Street, where the boutiques of international fashion designers are concentrated. In the side streets, particularly Dlouha, Dusni and Karoliny Svetle streets, are the shops of Czech stylists and designers, not to be missed by those in search of something original.

For those who like to shop at markets, names to mark in your diary are Havel, Prague’s largest market, Prazska Trznice and Tylovo Namesti, the two most interesting flea markets in Prague.

Outside the centre, a great area for shopping in Prague, especially if you are interested in furniture and design, is Vinohrady. In the Smichov district is one of the city’s largest shopping centres, while Zlicin is the area of megastores of international brands such as Ikea and Tesco.

Typical Prague souvenirs

If you want to take home a souvenir of Prague, to keep for yourself or to give as a gift to friends, you can go for typical local products such as waffles, beer, herbal liqueur, crystals, jewellery, or buy classic souvenirs such as t-shirts, magnets, dolls, customised Prague-themed posters.

The best area to buy souvenirs in Prague is the network of streets and alleys between the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge, while inside Prague Castle you can shop in the small shops of the charming Golden Lane. All the most important museums have a gift shop inside where you can buy quality souvenirs.

At Christmas time, we recommend you do your shopping at the traditional markets, partly for the wide selection of pretty decorations and handicrafts, and partly to enjoy the magical festive atmosphere.

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