What to do in Prague: excursions, tours and activities

What to do in Prague besides visiting the many museums and historical buildings? Prague is a city with a long history and offers plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation.
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Prague, city of a hundred towers and a thousand faces: the Czech capital is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday. But what are the places not to miss and activities to do during a visit to Prague? What to do in Prague besides visiting the numerous museums and historical buildings? Prague is a city with a long history but absolutely modern, and offers plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Since the Velvet Revolution, the opportunities for fun and activities in Prague have multiplied and there is something for everyone. In particular, Prague has always been a city rich in artists and recently hosts numerous theatre groups, including experimental ones. In addition, the city has a great musical tradition that is still very much alive today.

The more romantic cannot miss the opportunity of a cruise on the Vltava River during which they can admire the wonders of Prague from a different point of view, while the more daring can discover the mysterious side of the city by listening to legends and spine-chilling stories.

There are, however, plenty of tours and guided visits to choose from in Prague, all of which are very interesting and useful for discovering details and sights in the historical centre that you would otherwise risk missing, such as the Prague Underground Tour, which runs through a complex network of ancient tunnels.

Most visited sights in Prague

An absolute must-see during a trip to the Czech capital is Prague Castle, an imposing fortress that has been the protagonist of many episodes linked to the city’s history. The complex includes not only the Old Royal Palace but also St Vitus Cathedral, the Basilica of St George and the famous Golden Lane. Another must-see is a visit to Staré Mesto, the Old Town, which is the oldest part of Prague.

Here you will find the Church of St Nicholas, the Church of St Mary of Tyn, the memorial to Jan Hus and the astronomical clock atop the Town Hall Tower. You can complete your discovery of this beautiful town with a guided tour of the Town Hall, which also includes a tour of the basement. Underneath the Town Hall and the Old Town Square is a complex of halls, corridors and galleries, some of which date back to the Romanesque period.

Cruise the Vltava River

A very special way to visit the city is by taking a boat cruise on the Vltava River with tours that pass the most interesting sights and allow you to see Prague from a different perspective. There are also night cruises that sail slowly and allow you to take a relaxing boat tour while admiring the illuminated city.

Some companies include an aperitif in the price of the cruise while others allow you to dine on the boat. Often the evening tours are accompanied by performances by bands, making the atmosphere perfect for a couple’s outing while admiring the city.

Eating and Drinking in Prague

A visit to Prague is not complete without eating in a typical tavern and, above all, drinking a couple of frothy blond beers.

There are plenty of pubs and breweries in the city and you can also visit beer museums and breweries; if your love of beer goes further you can take a beer bath in a beer spa. If you don’t know which brewery to choose, play it safe: U Fleku is Prague’s oldest brewery, open for over 500 years.

To eat, you’ll find everything: cheap fast food, traditional restaurants, modern gastropubs, fancy restaurants and everything in between. The ideal is to try some traditional Czech dishes in a hostinec (typical inn), and then perhaps indulge in some culinary extravagance in more chic establishments.

Walking tours and sightseeing

Spend a wonderful day in Prague by taking part in a guided walking tour that will take you around the city and introduce you to its true history thanks to the information provided by knowledgeable guides. Explore the history and secrets of the capital of the Czech Republic, the medieval castle that dominates the skyline, the beautiful landscapes of the Old Town, Malá Strana, St Vitus Cathedral, the Garden of Eden and Mozart’s House, and admire the harmonious blend of contrasting architectural styles as a sign of the creativity of talented architects.

Let yourself be carried away by the words of the guides who will tell you about legends and struggles such as the Velvet Revolution, visit unique and evocative sights such as the Strahov Monastery and Brewery, the Wallenstein Palace, St George’s Basilica and the Deer Moat, and take part in an unusual underground tour to discover 800 years of Prague’s history.

Choose the tour that suits you best and Prague will have no more secrets for you.

Mystery tours in Prague

Thrilling stories , legends, ghosts and mystery have always shrouded the city of Prague. What better way to discover hidden Prague than with expert guides who will take you on an exciting tour and open the doors to the dark side of the Czech capital.

It is said that restless spirits still roam the city’s alleys trapped in Prague’s horrific past: alchemy, murders, curses and executions are what await you!

Many legends surround the city, from the story of the beautiful Laura who lost her head to that of young Ungelt to the religious legend about the Infant Jesus of Prague.

Beer Spa, beer beauty treatments

If you’re looking for a fun and unusual activity to do, you shouldn’t miss the Beer Spa, which offers beer treatments. In a special room (prepared for two or more people), you can immerse yourself in a special wooden tub filled with beer as it is now known that hops have beneficial properties not only on the skin but also on the hair and nervous system. You can complete the experience by trying a relaxing beer massage.

Theatre and music performances in Prague

Music and theatre lovers will be spoilt for choice: the city’s theatres and concert halls, from historical and prestigious ones to modern underground venues, offer an incredible variety of classical and contemporary performances for all tastes.

Day trips outside Prague

Prague is a city with sites of great interest, but its surroundings are also worth discovering. Numerous day trips can be made that take you to explore many other locations and allow you to learn more about the history and culture of Bohemia. In particular, one of the most interesting (and touching) visits to be made outside the city is to the Terezin Concentration Camp, located an hour’s drive from Prague. Here you can not only retrace the stories of many prisoners and the precarious conditions in which they lived, but also visit the crematorium and the cemetery.

A day trip from Prague is also possible to Český Krumlov and České Budějovice. The town of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains many historical buildings as well as a majestic castle built in the 13th century by the Vítkovec family. You can continue your discovery of the area by moving on to České Budějovice, a town founded around the 12th century that has managed to keep its original structure intact over time. Walking through its streets you can admire numerous Renaissance and Baroque buildings, numerous breweries and reach the central square of Přemysl Otakar II.

Another charming town is Kutná Hora, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t miss a visit to its charming historical centre, the Church of St Barbara and the Church of Our Lady of Sedlec. For a relaxing stay, on the other hand, you can consider the town of Karlovy Vary, which is the largest spa town in the Czech Republic.


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Cruises and boat tours in Prague

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