Karlova Street

Included in all itineraries in the centre of Prague, the elegant and busy Karlova Street will lead you directly to Charles Bridge.
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The narrow, winding Karlova Street is the pedestrian thoroughfare between Mala Strana and Stare Mesto, Prague’s two historical districts.

It will be impossible for you to avoid it, and you may even curse the crowds slowing down your walk: this is in fact one of Prague’s most famous streets, included in all the itineraries of the historical centre, and is often clogged with tourists wanting to reach Charles Bridge or the fairy-tale Prague Castle.

If the crowds cramp your style, close your eyes for a moment and imagine this same street centuries ago being trodden by a prince with a pounding heart and his royal retinue. Karlova Street is in fact part of the historic path that connected the Royal Court and the Castle and that future kings had to walk on their coronation day.

Perhaps it is difficult to imagine a sumptuous procession parading along this narrow and crowded street, but even today it is pleasant to walk along it admiring the various Gothic and Renaissance houses and Baroque portals or taking a look at the shop windows.

Shops and buildings on Karlova Street

Karlova Street is full of little shops and cafés, making it perfect for shopping or a short coffee break, which could even go on for hours!

Some of these shops are historic. On this street you will find Al Serpente d’oro (U Zlatého Hada in Czech), Prague’s first café founded in 1713. Today it is a restaurant.

At number 44 this street is Karlova Crystal, the most glittering shop you will ever visit: two floors of glassware, porcelain, jewellery and chandeliers from the best Bohemian and international manufacturers including Bohemia Garnet, Bohemia Glass Bijouterie, Oliver Weber, Preciosa and Swarovski. Here you can buy your most treasured souvenirs, but if the prices scare you, you can always console yourself with a visit to the glassworks, where you can watch the spectacle of glassblowing.

When you arrive at No. 3/175, stop to admire the façade of the building known as At the Golden Dwells with its wonderful Baroque stuccoes.

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