Kampa Island

On the island of Kampa, the Venice of Prague, you can wander through the narrow streets, photograph fluorescent penguins or write a message to John Lennon.

One of the most romantic and picturesque areas of Prague’s Lesser Quarter is Kampa, an artificial island formed by an arm of the Vltava River.

Leave the crowds of tourists en route to the castle behind and take a break in what is known as Prague’s Venice. Spend pleasant hours strolling through its romantic alleyways, enjoying a picnic in the park, admiring curious works of modern art or soaking up the hippy atmosphere surrounding the John Lennon Wall, a wall full of graffiti dedicated to the famous Beatles singer.

Whatever you want to do, take your time because there is no hurry on Kampa Island.

Historical origins

The famous mill on the island of Kampa

Kampa is an artificial island divided from the Lesser Quarter by the mill water supply channel, called the ‘Devil’s Channel‘ (Czech: Čertovka). The name of the canal apparently refers to a possessed woman who lived in the nearby Maltese Square.

Written records of Kampa Island date back to the 12th century. For centuries, the Devil’s Channel was used to turn the wheels of the local mills; it was also used to wash the clothes of the local inhabitants.

Today, the southern part of the island is covered by a park, while in the north are elegant hotels, restaurants and embassies.

What to do in Kampa

The heart of the island is the delightful Na Kampé Square, lined with elegant buildings as well as restaurants and bars. Why not enjoy the magical atmosphere of this place while sipping a coffee?

If you are looking for relaxation, the right place is the public park, a haven of tranquillity where you can stroll, picnic or lie in the sun while enjoying an extraordinary view of the Old Town. The park is home to two bronze sculptures by artist David Černý.

More recent times are immortalised in the John Lennon Mural, a wall covered with graffiti and phrases inspired by the famous Beatles singer. This wall became an important symbol of peace, brotherhood and freedom for the young people of Prague in the 1980s. You too can leave a mark of your passage with a quote, a drawing or your initials.

Kampa Museum

A sculpture by David Cerny

In the mood for whimsy? Fluorescent penguins, faceless children and giant chairs are just some of the curious works of art on display at the Kampa Museum, housed in the elegant Sova Mills building.

The museum, opened in 2003, exhibits collections of Central European modern art, donated by Czech collector Meda Mládková and her husband Jan.

The works of two 20th-century icons are exhibited in the museum. The jewel in the museum’s crown is the complete collection of works by František Kupka, the forerunner of abstract art. More than 200 paintings, drawings, studies and sketches cover the entire artistic life of the brilliant Czech painter.

Another important section is dedicated to the sculptor Otto Gutfreund and includes 17 works, most of them from the Cubist period of 1911 – 1914 and others created between 1923 and 1927.

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