Traditional Czech food and drink in Prague

Czech cuisine is tasty and flavourful, a paradise for meat and soup lovers. Here is a list of traditional dishes, desserts and cheeses to try.
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Czech cuisine has recently changed, adhering to a healthier lifestyle; however, traditional Czech recipes are still extremely popular and are rather high in calories, fat and sugar, in addition to the fact that they favour special, if simple, sauces and condiments.

The main course is usually pork or beef, accompanied by boiled potatoes, rice, dumplings and a sauce, perhaps preceded by a hot soup.

As for drinks (nápoje), a Czech meal is usually accompanied by the national drink: beer (pivo). If beer is not your thing, you can order mineral water (minerálka), orange juice (pomerancový džus), apple juice (jablecný džus) or soda.

Czechs also like to drink tea (caj) with sugar (cukr) and lemon (citrón) and coffee (káva) with or without milk (mléko) or cream (smetana).

What to eat in Prague

Let’s take a closer look at what they eat in Prague and some typical dishes.

Main course (hlavní chod)

The main course (hlavní chod) usually consists of a meat dish (maso) accompanied by a side dish (príloha). The most common types of meat are chicken (kure), pork (veprové) and finally beef (hovezí). Meat is usually served with a kind of sauce (omácka), which goes well with bread (cléb and pecivo).

Fish is not very common. Trout (pstruh), cod (treska), mackerel (makrela) and carp (kapr) are possibly served, especially on Christmas Eve.

Typical Prague dishes

Some of the most popular dishes are:

Soups (polévka)

Cheese dishes

Side dishes


At all meals, from breakfast to dinner, the table will never be short of rohliky, banana-shaped rolls always served as an accompaniment to the main course.

At street stalls

At street stalls you can ask for

What to drink in Prague

Beer is the Czech national drink par excellence, but in Prague you can also drink good local wine, the legendary Becherovka, brandies and non-alcoholic drinks.

Czech beers

The most famous Bohemian beer, known on the international market, is Pilsner Urquell, which is light and golden, brewed in the Lager method and characterised by a strong hop taste. Its name comes from Plzen, a town 80 km from Prague where it was first brewed in 1842.
Another is Budejovický Budvar (formerly Budweiser, which had to change its name because of the American of the same name), brewed in the town of Ceské Budejovice.
Perhaps the most popular beer in Prague is Staropramen, with its light, fruity flavour, brewed in the Smichov district.
Other beers include:

Beer-themed tours in Prague


Wines of Kutna Hora

The Czech Republic also produces considerable quantities of red and white wine, but exports very little of it. Vines grow mainly in Moravia and around Melnik, north of Prague. Rulandské is a good dry white; among the reds, which are generally more valuable, Frankovka and Vavrinecké stand out.

Super spirits

Among spirits, Becherovka, an amber-coloured herbal bitter, stands out. It is served both as an aperitif and as a digestive, sometimes with tonic water. Since it has a distinctive flavour, it is recommended to try it. Then there is Borovicka with juniper and Slivovice, a very strong plum brandy.

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